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243                        TEE RESTOBATIOS STOPT BY SIR GEO. COtTPEB.-
such circumstances Is much to be deprecated, but in this particular case there
could not be any doubt a? to the exact character and dimensions of the missing
portions, since the stages of the tower diminish from the bottom upwards in
regular proportion and all bear the same ornamentation. Certainly, the pic-
turesque effect would have been immensely enhanced by giving the tower the
pyramidal finish intended for it, instead of leaving it -with its present stunted
The work was conducted under my own personal supervision without
any professional sss'stanee, except Mr. Inglis's suggestion, which I have duly
chronicled, up to March, 1877, when Sir Creorge Couper? who had two months
previously been confirmed as Sir Jonn Strachey's successor,'suddenly ordered
my transfer from the district. The restoration would most assuredly never
have been undertaken bat for my exertions, and as I had been engaged upon
it so longj it was naturally a disappointment to me not to be allowed to com-
plete it However, aH that was absolutely essential had been accomplished and
for the comparatively modest outlay of Es. 38?B65, nearly a lakh less than the
Fnblc Works estimate.*
lir. Fergcssoiij in Ms Indian Architecture^ speaks of this temple as " one
of the most interesting and elegant in India, and the only one, perhaps, from
which a European architect might borrow a few hints. I should myself have
thought thatk' solemn5 or & imposing' was a more appropriate term than c elegant*
for so massive a irailding, and that the suggestions that might be derived from
its stujly were c many5 rather than ' few ;' but the criticism is at all events in
intention a complimentary one. It is, however, unfortunate that the author
of a book which will long and deservedly be accepted as an authority was
not able to obtain more satisfactory information regarding so notable a c/tef
cTceuvre. The, ground-plan that he supplies is extremely incorrect; for it
gives in faint lines., as if destroyed, the choir, or jag-mohan^ which happens to
"be in more perfect preservation than any other part of the fabric, and it
entirely omits the two chapels that flank the cella on either side and are integral
portions of the design. Hie cella itself is also omitted ; though for this there
*A GorenuDOxt Benliiti<mo& 'the Sestoratioa of Templet in fee Mathnri District * was pub-
lished by Sir John Stxadfaey on the Is* April, !87Sť and Is exclusively occupied with my doings.
Tbe 6th paragraph begini as follows: ** In respect of the vork na the temple of Goriad Jf at
Briw3*-t*% Hia Honor feels that the GoTemmeat is nmeh indebted to Mr. P. S. Growse for the
*atl ccnoailcal manner ia which its partial restoration has been effected, and lias BO hesita-
tion In confiding to Mm its completion, without interference by any officer of the Public Works
Department iatwffdlaste to the CWef Engineer/*